This website is an ongoing project. It’s not perfect, and it never will be; in fact, as you search the website you will see many things that you might see me advocate that I am not doing on the website.

I know it might seem an easy way out, but the fact is that I want to upgrade the website as I upgrade myself, so I want to share when I update the website with something new. Like that, I learn better, get documented and hopefully, it helps someone in the future.

So expect many posts about things I did…

Web performance is a keystone of your website. Your website might look amazing but if it doesn’t have a good performance, does it show on google search results? Might be a challenge.

So what is web performance? Putting simply, Web performance is the measure of the page speed of your website. User doesn’t have much patience when going to a website, and if that website is slow you know what happens right? They seek another alternative. Of course that this is not linear but more and more everyday web performance is important.

Performance results of a website
Performance results of a website

Some statistic to back it up:

  • If your…

When creating a website, not only the desktop version counts but also the mobile version. One of the reasons behind that is the mobile traffic worldwide has grown over 220% in the last 7 years. Nowadays more people use mobile over desktop.

A website that features their content and product or service easily and attractively on mobile is a way to go. Not only for the user but the company, for the SEO, and even for the search engines.

What is looking good on mobile? The answer is not straightforward but let’s try. Image a website that on the desktop…

Spider web
Spider web
Photo by Raul Macarie on Unsplash

It was not long time ago when I first heard about web sustainability. I never thought deeply about how much the internet we use, and how we use it can affect the planet. We are just using our computer right?

It’s true and, by using the computer and the internet, we save paper and time but where is the catch?

It all started when I read that if the internet was a country would be the 6th most polluted country in the world (Now it’s the 7th).

Then I decided to go deeper into this subject that I was not…

Photo by Caio from Pexels

What is SEO?

You probably heard it before the word SEO, and how important it is for your site but how can we define SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, SEO is the tactics and practices that make your website stands out among other websites. Those tactics increase the quantity of traffic in your website but also the quality.

That’s why SEO is important for your business because it’s with SEO that your page shows up in a better place in search results in Google or any search engine.

There are many search engines, but the fact is Google…

Blind man using a braille screen reader — Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Have you heard about accessibility in websites and apps and why it’s important? So what is accessibility? Accessibility as generally speaking can be defined as making your workplace, city, the public building where you work accessible to as many people as possible no matter what is their disability.

Does your favorite restaurant have a ramp for a wheelchair? Has the city hall building text in braille? Are people with disabilities given the same chances to work as a person with no disability? That is accessibility in the world, right?

On the web, it works the same way. Accessibility on the…

Image of the project about Dom Manipulation
Image of the project about Dom Manipulation

When you are starting learning javascript I believe that one of the first things you will hear is about DOM Manipulation. Unless you are only using the console, you will need some knowledge of how to use javascript within the Dom.

I don’t want to focus too much on the theory as I learn more by doing and creating things, but let’s define the DOM and what it means to “manipulate it”.

DOM stands for Document Object Model and works as a tree and in that tree, there are all elements of the page. That tree has different relationships(parent, children…

Nasa Api using Axios

Working with Apis can be a challenge but it’s for sure something you want to work on and learn.

But I know(at least for me) when you start working/learning them it seems a total new world in top on the Javascript( in our case) world. There are so many APIs, some free, other no, some require some key others don’t. Then how you get the data? You can go with Axios or fetch… So many options and way to do it that when you start you don’t know where to start.

So let’s get a small win.

I will go…

Music albums

Flipping a card, or some element is something that is used quite often in many projects/applications.

You can achieve it “only” using it CSS, by toggle and even by click, but it is a good way to start learning JS. It takes only few lines of code of Javascript and with some css you can make a nice effect to your page.

In this project we are going to use 4 different cards and loop over them to know how to achieve the flipping of every one of them. Also I had some responsiveness and accessibility to the page. …

First I need to say that this is not my newest project, but 2019 for a couple of reasons I didn’t code so much as I wanted, so now that I am back again and I feel more confident with it than before, I decided to refactor all my projects, give them a clean face, and post about them. If it helps me, it might help you.

So this was my first one 2 years ago. It started as a simple image gallery based on a tutorial, there was no flexbox involved and only the gallery had css grid. In…

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